The Project Explained

Beauty for Ashes is about families and hope.  It’s also about risk and fear and struggle and change. The project is a collaboration between Justin and KaRyn Lay, a husband and wife team figuring out chemical dependency and codependency recovery through film/art/music/words/humor/vulnerability.  Justin is at inpatient drug rehab in Utah.  KaRyn is at home in Millcreek, Utah.  The goal:  To raise awareness (and money) for Justin’s rehab and create a virtual space where they can explore new ways of communicating with themselves, each other and the world.  New perspectives require new words. These are our new words.

Justin will create a video diary of his inpatient recovery.  In keeping with the need for anonymity at his facility, he will not record anyone else but himself.  His videos will only be able to posted once a week.  KaRyn will also create and post daily documenting the journey from her perspective.

UPDATE:  Justin is now home from inpatient treatment and we’re now exploring the day to day life in NEW recovery.  WE’ll keep the project going because it’s good for our souls and our continued sobriety and healing!  Thanks to all of you who are helping and have helped us get here.


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